How to Use Italian Terracotta Cookware

by Phil on June 6, 2010


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How to Use Italian Terracotta Cookware

There are so many advantages to cooking and serving with Piral all natural terracotta cookware. Piral cookware is extremely versatile so it can be used in your food prep every day. Enjoy many types of cooking with Piral from frying an egg, various rice dishes, sauteing, oven roasting, pizza, braising, red, white or clear sauces, soups and stews, brown and bake casseroles and stir fries to name a few.  Piral Bowls, Bakers & Soup Crocks are for oven use and are not recommended for use on stove top cooking.  All other pans such as Saucepans, Dutch ovens and Stew-Stock pots are for stove top & oven use.

Before you start enjoying the many various uses there are some simple steps to follow.

  • Immerse and fully cover in warm water Piral terracotta cooking and serving ware leaving for approximately 6 -8 hours BEFORE FIRST USE ONLY (this is done to allow the very bottom which is raw terracotta to be hydrated)
  • Allow to fully dry after removing from water and before storing in a cabinet. Depending on climate conditions etc. drying fully may take more or less time.
  • For Stove-top Use: To season the cookware for stove-top use, place on burner on low heat with 4-8 cups of water for 2 hours gradually increasing the heat to medium and finally medium high.Wipe clean and you are ready to go. For Oven Use: Bowls, and Bakers & mini-soup crocks are oven use only. To season for oven use, fill half way with water place in cool oven and gradually increase heat to 450 for 2 hours
  • Piral terracotta pots & pans can be used directly on the flame of gas cook-tops, in all conventional types of ovens including wood-fired, in the microwave, in the dishwasher, on the grill, on the barbecue and with wood fired cooking.
  • A heat diffuser is necessary for all types of electric range tops (not needed in ovens)
  • Some discoloration of the cooking surface may appear with use but this in no way alters the effectiveness of the product.
  • Avoid thermal shock, i.e.;  Introduce cold liquid to very hot pans slowly and cold pans should be heated slowly.
  • Store leftovers in the refrigerator in Piral cookware and reheat on the burner, in oven or microwave directly. What could be easier?
  • The clean up is easy due to the glass like interior cooking surface.If something does stick simply fill with warm soapy water for some time and wipe with ease.

Enjoy better flavors cooking with all natural Piral terracotta cookware.Many well-known chefs and cooks agree.   Food tastes better in non-metal terracotta cookware.



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