All Natural Green Cookware

by Phil on October 30, 2011

Carefully chosen  raw materials, Italian red clay, the skill of artisans born of great tradition in Liguria all shape the beautiful terracotta cookware,  Piral.  But Piral is not just beautiful cookware, its function as a pan for everyday propels this superior clay cookware to very high marks.  The sealed glass, easy clean cooking surface and surprisingly light weight feel make Piral Cookware both practical and fun.  Use less energy cooking with Piral Cookware.   Piral terracotta is more than beautiful cookware.  It is the finest “green” and “earth-sustainable” cookware product available in the world today.  Its green rating is due to the non-toxic raw materials and the absence of harmful by-products.  Its remarkable heat conductivity means a more energy efficient kitchen.

Prepare your favorite sauce,  braise  meats or vegetables.  Perfect for rices, risottos, polenta or poached white fish.  Be confident, for either dinner guests or family you can count on the heat retention and subtly enhanced flavors from Piral Italian terracotta cookware.  The light weight, metal cookware alternative, for stove-top, oven, microwave & dishwasher use.

In many cultures dating back for centuries  “terra cotta”  has been the preferred cooking tool.  The superb absorption of heat and intense flavors of cooking with terracotta bring us back to richness and heritage deep within our human experience.  Get back to cooking the way it was meant to be.  Come back home to  Piral in your kitchen.


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