Beautiful Cookware, Made In Italy

by Phil on April 10, 2011

The century old tradition of terracotta born by Piral is the perfect synthesis of carefully chosen raw materials and the artisans hands.  Shaped by the potter into pleasing cooking vessels, finished and fired in the ancient kilns of Albisola, Italy.  The result is beautiful cookware, colorful, versatile with superb, even heat conduction and retention.  You will love the easy clean glass like, sealed cooking surface, light weight feel and stylish designs.   Ancient civilizations understood that terracotta heating characteristics develop deep flavors, subtle, rich and vibrant . Today, Piral fine terracotta cookware from Terra Allegra Imports enhances flavors like no other cooking vessel in your kitchen.   Experience the difference for yourself, your family and friends.  Feed your soul, feed your body today.

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